Selected Game Projects

Augsburger 101 - A gamified mobile AR tour guide

„Augsburger 101“ a mobile tour guide app that takes the user on a tour with selected places of interest (POIs) related to cultural heritage across the old city of Augsburg. The app utilizes augmented reality to allow visitors discovery and exploration of heritage assets as well as cultural customs in a playful way. When arriving at a POI, the user is asked to accomplish a gaming task using the smartphone as a physical tool to manipulate virtual objects. „Augsburger 101“ is developed by incoming exchange students as part of the European Project Semester Program For further information see the project's web site: Augsburger 101



Eco Champion saves the world! This serious game has been designed for children in the age group 6-12 to create their awareness for environmental issues and counter measures. The project was conducted in cooperation with the NGO Ecofund and with partner schools from Morocco and Argentina. For further information see the project's web site: Eco Champion


Cook a Roach

Cook a Roach features a mixed VR-PC setting. One player acts as a cook in a virtual kitchen wearing a VR head mounted display while the opponent player tries to sabotrage cooking efforts from a conventional PC-based game UI.


Further Game Projects by Interactive Media students

> Portfolio IMS/Game Development
> Portfolio IA/Games


Panel Discussion on "Survival in the games industry"

Arranged as a panel discussion, experts gave their opinions and tips on how to start a successful career in the gaming industry. For details see Panel Discussion for details (in German only).

Werkschau Exhibition

Each semester a number of Bachelor and Master focus on gmae development. Outcomes are presented at the biannual Werkschau event organised by the Faculty of Design, see for upcoming and past events.

Sichtraum Exhibition

Game development is also a favorite subject of team projects. Outcomes are presented at the annual Sichtraum event organised by the Faculty of Design, see for upcoming and past events


Interactive Media BA / BSc

The bachelor study program on Interactive Media offers several courses realted to game design and development. For details see Interactive Media.

Interactive Media Systems MA

The master study program on Interactive MediaSystems offers a dedicated specialisation on game development. Working in teams, students work through all steps of game development. For details see Interactive Media Systems


Prof. Dr. Thomas Rist
Technical Game development, AI for Games
thomas.rist (at)

Prof. Jens Müller
Gamedesign, Game Art
jens.mueller (at)